Donors to St. Anthony’s Share Views On Philanthropy

St. Anthony’s Alliance (SAA) benefits from having caring donors who contribute their generous gift’s of money to help us achieve our mission of supporting life saving and life enhancing interventions.

We asked a few of our donors to share their views on Philanthropy.

Karen Lawrence

My dictionary defines philanthropy as “works or endeavor,  as charitable aid or endowments, intended to increase the well-being of humanity”. Much important charitable aid is focused on providing immediate short-term needs like food and clothing to those in desperate circumstances. While this type of giving is critical and appropriate, I find it especially rewarding to support endeavors aimed at increasing well-being over the longer term. This concept is captured in the old saying about teaching a man to fish feeds him for a lifetime while giving a man a fish feeds him for a day. The programs of St. Anthony’s Alliance embody this approach very effectively, and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to support them.

Ken Gilman and Elizabeth Szalay

To take a page from The Soul of Money, “Money is like water, it stagnates when hoarded and is life-giving when it flows“. St. Anthony’s Alliance, rather than offering handouts, affirms and supports projects that promote responsibility, self-initiative, and self-respect.

The Soul of Money —Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources by Lynne Twist, 2003, W.W Norton & Co.)


Lee Blaugrund

Basically, I see philanthropy as something that is part of my lifestyle. It is part of how I live day to day. In order to help people, you have to be sensitive to their needs. I usually have 10 to 15 projects that are active at a time but I have changed projects over time. Some charities just seem to lose their way. There are a couple of ways I can make a difference; I can be passive and just write a check or I can be active and get involved.



Dwight Grant

I have been very fortunate most aspects of my life, including in my financial life. That has prompted me to share that good fortune with others. As far as St. Anthony’s Alliance goes, I have been impressed with the “sweat equity” that Jim and Tes have put into it to make it work. I am not a very generous person with my time, so I try to be generous with my money.

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