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Jim Tryon President St. Anthony's Alliance

2014 report from From SAA President Jim Tryon

Greetings and blessings to all in the St. Anthony’s family! It’s time once again for an update on our projects and a reflection on why we do what we do. I’m happy to report that we are on track with our support and active projects, as I think the contents of this newsletter... Read More

SAA 2014 News letter

St. Anthony’s Alliance 2014 Newsletter

St. Anthony’s Alliance is 2014 Newsletter is available for download. We have updated information on all our projects, including The Damien House, The Lavender Project which includes new photos, Casa de Salud and an interesting article on some of our donors views on philanthropy. ... Read More

Damien House Resident

Busy Year for The Damien House

Every year is a busy one for the residents and staff of the Damien House in Guayaquil, Ecuador. However, so far 2014 has been a busy one for medical missions that provide specialty healthcare for the 60 residents of the Damien House. Earlier this year, a pair of ophthalmologists... Read More

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