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Community Center La Colorada

Developing a Self-Sustaining Model for La Colorada’s Community Center

One of St. Anthony’s Alliance’s most important tasks is developing a sustainable model for the Community Center at Rancho La Colorada. This year, St. Anthony’s Alliance and the people of La Colorada took an important step towards sustainability by creating a “civil association,”... Read More

Adrain Hernandez and Dignitaries 4

Host of Dignitaries attend Ribbon Cutting for the Road to La Colorada

With a smooth new road courtesy of a partnership between the City of Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico and St. Anthony’s Alliance the path to prosperity for The Lavender Project and La Colorada’s Community Center is a lot easier. On sunny day in late August, a host of dignitaries were... Read More

Victor Gonzales

The Lavender Project Gets Boost With Expert Consultation

August 2013 was a month of “eureka” moments for the people of La Colorada as they gained a vision of the future for The Lavender Project. The insights were sparked by a four-day visit from Victor Gonzales, the inspiring owner and founder of Victor’s Lavender, one of the... Read More

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